Our Team’s Primary Role

Empowering Success

Unveiling the Key Responsibilities of Prestige's Dedicated Team

  • Understanding Client Needs
    Our expert team members meet and assess your requirements in terms of idea generation, conceptualization and doing the required market research.
  • Identifying Products
    Our experts sit with a panel of team members within our company and brainstorm to see which products will benefit to launch in the existing market based on the results of the market research and growth of the competition. Instead of only offering to sell what the client has in their product list, our specialized team creates an array of unique products made based on customized inputs from the client.
  • Sourcing Your Ideas
    We have a strong regional network of suppliers and vendors in India hence based on your requirement, which supplier will be able to give us the right quality product with the right mix for price control. We ensure that our vendor fulfills requirements of technical abilities, factory layout, equipment, personnel, social/ethical compliance, productivity and financial strength.
  • Design & Development
    With minute precision at every step from our expert panel of vendor selection, production, communication at each stage of creating the sample with our checklist for the client, it is impossible for any scope for errors. We audit the final sample for optimum product. After the product meets our checklist we give a go ahead for production.
  • Merchandising & Coordination
    Managing and coordinating every minute activity involved starting from processing the purchase order to bargaining costs, troubleshooting any issues/problems being faced during the process, ensuring all activities are being done as per timeline to ensure they are on time and shipping commitments. Our expert team members take care of all this for your business needs.
  • Quality Control
    Quality control is done at every stage by us. Starting from choosing the right vendor, assessing the quality standards of the factory, conducting audits during the sample stage and then during the production stage and it carries out right till the product is delivered to the client. The QC team will audit and check before the goods are shipped. There are various parameters our team follows to conduct vigorous tests for quality on the entire process as our company and our team has a commitment to quality.
  • Consolidation
    Our team takes care of consolidation of all documentation required for shipping the goods to the client. From the time the QC team gives its approval to send the goods the logistics team starts tracking the goods for tracking and documentation purposes. Our team proactively sends across all required documentation to the client much before the goods reach the destination for the import regulations.
  • Shipping & On Time Delivery
    Our team has a global network with shipping companies to ensure that the goods are sent safely and on time delivery is made possible. We also take care of all documentation work for our clients hence we work as a partner taking care of all business needs for them.