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Ensuring Excellence: Quality Assurance at Prestige

Quality is the core value at Prestige. Hence, we only source goods from the most authentic and reliable suppliers. Our team of highly experienced and trained professionals conducts stringent tests and three level of inspection of the products prior to the dispatch.

As the sourcing agents we take full responsibility from selecting a vendor, selecting good quality material, sending the required sample to the customer for approval prior to starting mass production. Quality is our priority. We work as per the requirements and specification from our valuable customers.

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Quality Assurance Process

  • Selection of the Vendor
    Some of the prerequisites that we look for in our vendor are technical abilities, factory layout, equipments, personnel, social/ethecial compliance, productivity, financial strength and reputation, years of experience.
  • Vendor Training
    A correct and unambiguous briefing is essential for a “first time right” approach. Our expert and cognizant team members interact on a “one to one” basis with the vendors to give them a product briefing and explain the details related to raw material, dimensions, designing, process to be used.
  • Prototype and Sample Production
    The production of the ordered lot starts only once the sample produced by the vendor is up to the mark.
  • In-house Quality Check
    Our quality control ensure that quality is maintained throughout production process.
  • Approval from the customer
    Once the product meets the required standards, we send it to the customer for their final approval. If any modification is needed, we again send it back to the vendor and all the changes are carried out to meet the exact specification.
  • Mass Production
    After approval, the production starts on a fully fledged scale. In order to keep a check, it is broken down into smaller lots.
  • Visit from our Personnel
    At this stage, again we do a quality check. This is done not only to ensure the quality of finished product, but also to check warehousing conditions. The place must be spacious and fit for storing the end goods.
  • Social and Ethical Responsibility
    While inspection we are vigilent about the condition as how the goods are produced and stored.
  • Entire Consignment Checked (one more time)
    Once inspection is over and goods are ok we issue our inspection certificate.
  • Consignment Packed and Dispatched
    We ensure on-time deliveries to our customers. If customer needs a special packaging, this is arranged accordingly. All the shipping and documentation are also coordinated by us to reduce the workload of our customer.
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