Unlocking Value

Navigating the Pathways to Success

Prestige is a one stop shop for all sourcing needs of overseas buyers in diverse product lines. We have been specialists in this industry for over 20 years. Our committed, talented, innovative and experience team of professionals have helped us create a world class working environment where people work cohesively as a family creating wealth, prosperity, success and good stock value for the company globally.

We have strong business relationships with factories and vendors across India providing competitive prices. It is our company’s core principal to spend maximum time with clients understanding requirements and then with vendor partners sharing ideas and guiding them at each step of execution. This has helped us partner with one of Europe’s largest retail chain stores for diverse products and earn high credibility with other buyers across Europe as well.

Over the years, today Prestige stands at an ever growing network of suppliers, vendors who value and understand our quality checks and help us adhere to our cost effective measures to meet our production demands of our clients across the globe.

Our sourcing business covers a diverse range of products ranging from textiles, home furnishings, clothing, kitchenware, home ware, household goods, fashion accessories, cosmetics, stationery, handicrafts, pet care, hand tools, toys, gardening, arts & crafts.